1.Does KimWUG provide internet?
No , dont ask.

2.Why would I want to join?
KimWUG is a community network that offers gaming ,file sharing and VoIP. It is not only a network but a great community to share knowledge and make good friends

3.How do I get connected?
Just check out our getting started guide to help you out

4.Do I get any guarantee of speeds / service?
Since this is a community network operated by its users up time/speeds are not guaranteed, there are no dedicated staff to maintain and operate the network. It is also up to the user to make sure their own connection is up to standard.

5.Can I use KimWUG to link my business and home together?
No, being a non profit network and that speeds / up time are not guaranteed KimWUG is not suitable for this.

6.How is KimWUG funded?
The community relies on the kindness of its users and sponsors to fund it.

7.I have lots of questions not covered on this page
If you have unanswered questions you may visit the forum to ask for more help / get in contact with KimWUG’s users